Forgotten Pheme password

What do I do if I have forgotten my Pheme password?

If you do not remember your password, you may be able to reset it using the 'reset existing password' utility, through the student tab on the Pheme web page. You must know the answers to your challenge questions to complete this process.

If you have also forgotten the answers to your challenge questions, you will need to contact University Library staff in any of the libraries for help either in person or by phone. Phone numbers can be found by clicking on the "Read more about..." link for any of the libraries on the Library Contact Us page. The phone number is shown at the bottom of the specific Library page. 

You may also be able to reset your password through a Self Service Password Reset (SSPR), by using Multi-factor-Authentication

If you are a student studying remotely at an affiliated institution (Rural WA, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia or The Philippines) submit an enquiry via Email.

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