OpenAthens explained

What is OpenAthens and how do I use it?
OpenAthens is an authentication service for Library resources. It enables secure and reliable access to information resources both on and off campus.
  • You can still access resources via OneSearch
  • If you have already signed in (eg through the LMS, or by accessing the resource via OneSearch) you will not need to login again. However, if you change browsers or devices you will be prompted to login again.
  • On some vendor sites (eg JSTOR) you can login via OpenAthens. Look for the Institutional Login, Library Login or OpenAthens login options. If there is more than one entry for UWA, select the one with OpenAthens in the name. You will then be prompted for your Pheme credentials.
Each site will be slightly different. If there is a statement such as 'Access provided by University of Western Australia Library' then you are already connected. Otherwise look for a login link:

Select Institutional Login:

Search for University of Western Australia. If there are multiple UWA entries, choose the one that says OpenAthens:

Confirm you are connected through the UWA subscription:

EndNote users: you may notice changes to Find Full Text when off-campus. Refer to the EndNote Guide for updating the program settings.

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