Enrolling in your Honours course

How do I enrol in my Honours course?

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If you have applied for an honours course, have received an offer letter and accepted your place, then you can enrol in your units online via studentConnect.

Honours 'Shell' units
Most students undertaking honours will be automatically enrolled in 'shell' honours units for the first calendar year in which they are enrolled. These units are worth zero credit points and are required for administrative purposes only (students should not attempt to withdraw from these units). They correspond to the course and discipline in which you are undertaking honours. For example: A Bachelor of Arts (Honours) student undertaking Honours in English will be enrolled in: ENGL4700 B.A.Hons.(English and Cultural Studies). After the first calendar year, the 'shell' units will not appear automatically in your enrolment and you will need to select these units when enrolling.

Continuing an Honours course
You must enrol in Semester 1 and 2 units online via your studentConnect. Please refer to the Current Students website for full details on Enrolment and Re-enrolment.

Combined Course Students
Once you have received your offer letter, you can enrol in your units on studentConnect. If you have additional units to complete in your combined course, you must apply for Approved Leave for the duration of the Honours programme.

Concurrent Honours
If you are commencing concurrent Honours as part of an undergraduate bachelor degree, then you do not need to submit an Honours application. You will need to ensure that you enrol in relevant Honours units within your course. 

Concurrent Honours programmes are available for certain courses offered within Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts; Engineering, Computing & Mathematics; Law; and Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. If you fall into this category and have not re-enrolled, please refer to the re-enrolment information.

For further queries on your Honours enrolment, select Email Us or contact your Student Advising Office.

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