Availability of help on campus if you have a disability

Is there help on campus for me if I have a disability?

Answer ID 352 | Last updated on 01/08/2022 09.46 AM

UniAccess - UWA’s Disability Office can assist you if you have a short term or ongoing disability and/or medical condition, which affects your study. The Accessibility Advisors at UniAccess are experienced in assisting students with a broad range of medical, learning, mental health, mobility and sensory conditions.

UniAccess offers services and resources to make study easier. UniAccess is a confidential service that can provide advice and support in relation to an application for Special Consideration and can assist you with practical adjustments to make study more manageable. Depending on your needs, UniAccess can offer other services: individual orientation, library services, modifications to allow physical access, ergonomic equipment, course materials in alterative formats or accessible parking. The UniAccess Office is located in Student Wellbeing on Level 1 of Student Central.

You can book online to meet with an Accessibility Advisor to discuss your support needs:

You can also book an appointment by phone. Contact UniAccess at Student Wellbeing on (+61 8) 6488 2423 or email UniAccess.

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