Re-enrolling on studentConnect after paying an outstanding debt

I have recently paid my outstanding debt but still cannot re-enrol on studentConnect. What should I do?

Answer ID 356 | Last updated on 06/09/2022 12.44 PM

Please allow 5 working days from the date of your payment for your student account to be credited with your payment and removal of the debt (encumbrance) from studentConnect. These are all separate processes and you can re-enrol once they have all been completed.

If you paid:

  • Less than 5 working days ago - Please be patient, your payment will be processed as soon as possible.
  • More than 5 working days - Submit an enquiry via Email Us and Student Administration will investigate further.

You can always check your outstanding balance on studentConnect.  However, even if this currently states you have a zero balance this does not mean your encumbrance has been removed.

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