Wireless access at UWA

Can I use wireless internet access at UWA?

Answer ID 683 | Last updated on 20/01/2023 04.21 PM

Unifi, the UWA wireless network, is available in a wide range of areas across campus. UWA staff and current students can access Unifi for free and connect up to three devices at any one time.

Students must have an active Pheme account and agree to the terms and conditions of internet access in their Pheme account settings in order to use Unifi. Staff must also have an active Pheme account, but full internet access is granted automatically.

UnifiGuest is only available for official guests to the University. It is not available for members of the public, Community Members or UWA Affiliate Members. 

Visitors from other universities may be eligible for free wifi via the international Eduroam network. UWA staff and students also have access to Eduroam, but only while visiting other participating institutions.

Visit the Eduroam help pages for instructions on how to connect. Visitors will need to consult their home institution to determine the credentials they will use to log on.

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