Statement of Academic Record explained

What is a Statement of Academic Record?

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A Statement of Academic Record (or Academic Transcript) is an official record of all of your studies at The University of Western Australia.

Your Statement of Academic Record states your:

  • Full name
  • Student ID
  • Name of your degree or award course/s
  • All of your units with grades (if available)
  • Your majors, minors, programs and specialisations (if applicable)
  • The year you commenced your course/s
  • The date of your completion or graduation/s, where available

It also shows:

  • Credit points for post-2005 units
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) for post-2005 courses
  • Weighted Average Mark (WAM) for post-2005 courses
  • Grading scheme
  • Official prizes and awards, and some scholarships

You can order your Statement of Academic Record from studentConnect (for current students) or the online portal (for past students and graduates) as a paper document or digital document.

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