When you can expect to receive your ordered Academic Documents

When can I expect to receive my ordered Statement of Academic Record?

There are different processing time options when ordering your academic documents:

  • Standard documents: two University working days after 12pm
  • Standard letters: five University working days after 12pm
  • Express documents: three University business hours
  • Next day service: the following University working day after 12pm
  • Digital My eQuals documents: the following University working day after 12pm

Confirmation of your order

When you place an order for an Academic Document, we'll send you an email receipt with your document/s and delivery details as well as processing and delivery times. We don't want to clutter your inbox with unnecessary emails, so we won't send you an additional email once your order has been produced unless you order a My eQuals document. 

I’m collecting my document in person

If you've selected to collect your document in person from Student Central, come in with your Campus Card or other photographic ID during opening hours following the processing time lines above.

If you're not able to come in to collect your order, you have the option to authorise someone else to collect your document on your behalf.

I’m having my document posted

If you've requested your Statement of Academic Record (transcript) be posted or couriered it will be dispatched as per the above time lines, and you can expect to it to be delivered as per the estimated times below:

  • International courier: approximately four working days (can be tracked)
  • Domestic Registered Post: approximately four working days (can be tracked)
  • Domestic courier: estimated one to two working days (can be tracked)

I’m having my document faxed

If you've ordered a paper document and would like it to be faxed as well as posted, please contact team at Student Administration and request that it be faxed; you can expect it to be faxed within two hours of the processing times listed above or after contacting us.

Your fax may not come through if your fax machine is off or busy. If you haven't received your faxed document within two business days contact us again so it can be re-sent quickly for you.

I've pre- ordered my documents

If you have pre-ordered a paper copy document for either after the release of results or after your graduation, your documents will be available to collect (or be posted) two working days after the date results are released, or of you graduation ceremony.

If you have pre-ordered a digital Statement of Academic Record, you will receive an email after the release of results or your graduation ceremony to confirm that your document is online and ready for you to access via a registration (or log on) link for your personalised My eQuals portal.

Ordering documents during the holidays

We are open between semesters, so if you need a document during the semester break you will still able to place an order.

The University closes for Christmas and Easter, during these times academic document orders are not available. 

Pre-1968 Students

If your enrolment was prior to 1968 your documents may take longer to produce. Student Administration will contact you if there are any delays.

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