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  1. As of 2021,  minors  are available to study in UWA bachelor degrees. All minors comprise of four units, and are optional to include as part of your degree. Minor unit sets... Date Updated: 24/02/2021 10.37 AM
  2. A Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is a place in an eligible course at the University in which the Australian government makes a contribution towards the cost of your tuition fees (known as... Date Updated: 10/11/2020 08.54 AM
  3. From 1 January 2021, new UWA students who are eligible will need a USI in order to qualify for Commonwealth assistance (Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and/or HELP loan). You are required to... Date Updated: 23/03/2021 03.31 PM
  4. For information on Special Consideration, and applying for a deferred exam, check out the information on the Special Consideration website  and complete the online application under the... Date Updated: 09/10/2020 01.29 PM
  5. This table lists the teaching days and weeks for the Undergraduate timetable and can be downloaded via the associated attachment at the bottom of this page or you can  add the digital... Date Updated: 08/12/2020 12.26 PM
  6. UWA does not offer an entry-to-practice degree in Physiotherapy, however you can study Sport Science, Exercise and Health  as a major through the Bachelor of Science. Date Updated: 01/02/2021 08.41 AM
  7. The University has various Pay and Display parking areas. The signage in these areas has green writing on a white background. The signs indicate the maximum length of time a person can park eg – 1P... Date Updated: 08/01/2021 09.17 AM
  8. Updated UWA publishes principles and processes for degree abbreviations . These should only be used once you have formally graduated from your award. For example, if you have graduated from a Bachelor of... Date Updated: 06/05/2021 01.49 PM
  9. If your assessment item is late, or you have been granted an extension, you still submit your assignment online via  LMS  in the same way you would as if it were on time. A penalty of 5% of... Date Updated: 09/11/2020 08.44 AM
  10. At UWA you can study one of a number of  bachelor degrees . All except the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) consist of 24 units. There are some limits you need to be aware of... Date Updated: 02/11/2020 08.43 AM