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Where can I do my printing?

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Printing, scanning and copying are easy at UWA as all libraries and general purpose computer labs offer the same type of multifunction printer (MFP). The MFP does it all – print, scan or copy, in colour and a range of sizes – and you simply tap your Campus Card to begin. You can submit print jobs to the print queue from a university computer by selecting the "global" printer from your printer list or from your own computer using WebPrint. Once submitted, your print job will be held for 12 hours in a secure global print queue.

You pay for photocopying and printing in libraries using your Campus Card. It costs 5c per side for an A4 page to photocopy or print in black and white. There are additional charges for colour photocopying and larger formatting. Use the autoloader machines in each library to add money to your card. Autoloaders accept EFTPOS with some accepting $1 and $2 coins. You can also add value online (via Pheme Login) using a credit card. 

Be aware:

  • There are no money changing facilities on campus
  • Autoloaders do not give change
  • Unused printing credit left on your card cannot be refunded

PaperCut is the printing management software used to store your printing jobs and other information. You can access PaperCut from the desktop of a university computer by selecting the details button on the printing pop-up or the lock/printer/person icon on the menu bar, or through the WebPrint website.  Step-by-step instructions for using WebPrint or printing from a university computer can be found on the library's website.

More information is available on the Printing, copying and scanning web page. If you need help with photocopying or printing feel free to ask University Library staff.

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