Procedure for withdrawing from units

How do I withdraw from units?

You can withdraw from a unit online via studentConnect up until midnight on the Census Date for the teaching period of the unit.

Process to Withdraw Online:
1. Log on to your studentConnect
2. Under the 'ENROLMENT' menu, select 'Online Enrolment and Change of Enrolment'
3. Choose 'Select your units'
4. Tick the 'Discontinue' option against the unit/s you would like to withdraw from
5. Select 'Proceed to Check Out'
6. Select 'Finish Online Enrolment'

Check that you have saved any changes to your enrolment by viewing 'Confirmation' or 'Course and Units' under your 'Enrolment' menu options.

Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have successfully saved any changes to your enrolment.

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to withdraw from units online via studentConnect. Please check them to see if they apply to you:

Not re-enrolled
You can only make changes to your enrolment online if you have successfully re-enrolled for the current academic year.

Cross Institutional, Exchange or Study Abroad Students
Cross-institutional or Study Abroad/Student Exchange students can't make changes to their UWA enrolment online (this includes units with the prefix: ENRL or EXCH). You will need to change your enrolment manually via a Change of Enrolment form. Please contact your Faculty Student Office or Student Administration in person or via askUWA to request a Change of Enrolment form.

Unit not available for online enrolment
Some units may not be available for online enrolment due to quota/venue restrictions or other reasons. Refer to your Faculty Student Office for advice on whether your unit is available for online enrolment. You may be able to enrol in the unit manually via a Change of Enrolment form (available from your Faculty).

Census Date has passed - You can only withdraw from units online up until the Census Date of the unit (see above for further instructions). To withdraw after the Census Date see below instructions (scroll down).

If none of the reasons above apply, please contact via 'Email Us' and we will investigate for you.

Withdrawal after the Census Date
If you wish to withdraw from a unit after the Census Date you must request a Change of Enrolment form from your Faculty Student Office or Student Administration, either in person or via askUWA (select 'Email Us'). Remember:

  • You will be financially liable for any units you withdraw from after the Census Date.
  • You can withdraw without academic penalty via a Change of Enrolment form up until the Academic Withdrawal Date of the teaching period.

If you wish to withdraw from your units we strongly recommend you seek advice from your Faculty Adviser.

International students
If you are an international student visa holder you must contact your Faculty Student Office for advice prior to withdrawing from units, as you are normally required to maintain a full-time enrolment.

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