Getting a replacement Campus Card

How do I get a replacement Campus Card?

If you need your Campus Card to access services on campus, Email Us to ask for a replacement. We'll be able to organise a replacement to be sent to you.

If you don't need your campus card and are sitting your exams online this semester, you can come in and see us when we return to campus to get your replacement. 

You won't be able to upload a new photo on CaptureMe for a replacement card. This means you can either keep the same photo, or have a new one taken by our friendly staff. Replacements for lost or user damaged cards are $15.00 for students and $16.50 for staff, visitors and library members. Payment can be made by EFTPOS, or with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. If your card is stolen and you have a police report number, your replacement will be free of charge.

If the card is replaced by 1:00pm weekdays, building electronic access will be operational by 3:00pm that same day. Library access will activate the next working day after the card is issued.

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