Pheme explained

What is Pheme?

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Pheme is UWA's access management system. You use your Pheme password, along with your student number, to access a range of online UWA services. This includes the UWA Wi-Fi network UnifistudentConnect and much more.

Your student email, the Learning Management System (LMS), and some other systems uses Uni-ID, which is the same password but instead of a student number, it uses your email address as the username, i.e. must be a currently enrolled student to activate your Pheme account.

Visit Pheme to activate your Pheme account, change your password or to reset your password if you've forgotten it.

Your Pheme password expires every 6 months and you will receive an email prompt to reset it in the weeks prior to expiry. If it has expired, there are multiple ways in which you can change your Pheme password or unlock your Pheme account:

  • You can follow the forgotten password procedure to reactivate it. You will be asked to answer your challenge questions so make sure the answer you have chosen is unique and memorable for you. Any of the previous 6 password versions will not be accepted.
  • You can also utilise the multi-factor authentication Self Serve Password Reset tool (MFA SSPR) for identity verification. This is handy as it means you do not need to remember your Pheme challenge questions. 
Once you have updated your Pheme please ensure that your devices, laptops, or desktop are not still trying to communicate with our systems using old passwords by updating your password on them

Your Pheme account will expire:

  • 28 days from a course discontinuation date (for courses not completed) and;
  • 12 months from your course completion or conferral date.

If you need help with Pheme, consult the student Pheme help information or contact the Library.

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