How to withdraw from your course

How do I withdraw from my course?

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You can withdraw/discontinue from your course at any point after you have accepted your offer.

•    If your course has commenced:
Apply to discontinue from you course via studentConnect. Log in to studentConnect and select ‘Course Details’ then ‘Discontinuation/Approved Leave’ in the left-hand menu. Follow the prompts to apply to discontinue. You will receive a confirmation email to your student email address once the withdrawal has been processed. This can take up to two weeks.

•    If your course has not commenced:
Apply to discontinue from your course by sending an email via askUWA, using your student email address, to ask to be discontinued from your course. This can take up to one week to process.
Please note: If you only want to withdraw only from units, and not your degree course, then do not apply to discontinue from your course. Instead, see information at ‘How to change my enrolment’.
Before you apply to discontinue, we recommend speaking to your Student Advising Office to discuss other options like Approved Leave, a course transfer, or a change of major. 
When you discontinue from your course you will also be withdrawn from your units. This can have a financial or academic penalty, depending on the date you withdraw. Check ‘How to change my enrolment’ to see if there’s a penalty for your units or speak with your Student Advising Office if you're unsure.
International students
It is important to contact the International Student Support team to discuss how withdrawing may impact your fees and visa.
Research students
Contact the Graduate Research School to discuss other options and the impact of withdrawing on your course and fees.
Medicine, podiatry or dentistry students
If you're studying a MD, MBBS, DMD, or DPM and are considering withdrawing from your course, contact the Health and Medical Sciences Student Office to organise a meeting first.

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