Missing an exam due to misreading timetable

What if I misread the exam timetable and miss an exam?

Answer ID 546 | Last updated on 10/05/2022 03.16 PM

If you have misread the timetable and miss your scheduled exam you will not be able to sit the exam in the next examination session.

Misreading your timetable is not grounds for a deferred examination. Eligibility for a deferred examination is assessed in accordance with the University Policy on Special Consideration by your Student Advising Office.

Ensure you only take note of your own personalised timetable available on studentConnect and not that of your friends or fellow class mates.

If you have missed your exam and do not have grounds for special consideration then it is recommended that you get in touch with your Student Advising Office to discuss the implications this may have on your study plan and course progression.

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