The census date explained

What is the census date?

The Census Date is the last date to: 

  • withdraw from units without financial penalty via studentConnect.
  • submit your HECS-HELP/FEE-HELP loan forms and/or finalise up front payment for your tuition fees (eligible domestic students only). Forms are available on studentConnect under 'electronic Commonwealth Assistance Forms' in the FINANCE menu.

If you are an International Student, your tuition fees for the semester are based on your unit enrolment as at the first day of semester. If you subsequently enrol in more units, you will be invoiced accordingly. If you  withdraw from units by the Census Date, any tuition fees that have been paid will be held in credit towards the next semester's fees. If you commenced your course prior to 2010, contact the International Student Support team via Email Us.

Non-Standard Teaching Periods
All teaching periods have their own Census Date and Academic Withdrawal Date. The dates for non-standard teaching periods vary from those of standard semesters. To find the specific dates for your units check your enrolment on studentConnect to confirm your teaching periods, then view the Teaching Periods dates published on the Current Students' website. 

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