Statement of Qualification explained

What is a Statement of Qualification?

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A Statement of Qualification (or Letter of Completion) is an official hardcopy University document that can be used as evidence that you have completed the requirements of your course of study, and is often used by students who have completed their studies but not yet graduated. This statement does not include information of any studies undertaken at CELT (Centre for English Language Teaching) or UWA College.
The Statement of Qualification is printed on official UWA secure paper and signed by the Associate Director, Student Services & Engagement. The document states:
  • Your full name
  • Your student ID
  • Your courses
  • The dates you commenced and completed your award/s
  • The date of your graduation/s (if applicable)
  • Confirmation that all instruction at the University of Western Australia is taught in English
Current students can order and pay for their Statement via studentConnect. Past graduates can use the online portal for order and payment.
Statements of Qualification are produced as hard copy documents only. If you would like a digital document, you may wish to order a Statement of Academic Record, or wait until you graduate when you'll receive free access to a digital copy of your degree certificate and AHEGS via My eQuals.

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